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Uretech TrackSafe
High Performance Demarcation Coating
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Uretech Track-safe is a high performance, slip resistant surfacing system used to overcoat Uretech HFS and provide a highly visible, coloured surface. Its unique polyaspartic formulation is a leap forward in surfacing technology and results in a product that is vastly superior to conventional systems. Uretech Track-safe is the ideal product for anti-slip demarcation zones such as cycle lanes, bus lanes, car parking bays and pedestrianised areas.

Uretech Track-safe is available in a range of standard colours and can be colour matched when required. The chart below details the standard colours available and their typical areas of application.

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Uretech Track Safe has been developed to be used directly onto Uretech HFS to produce a distinct coloured surface to designate cycle pathways, bus lanes or other similar areas that require a coloured, anti-slip surface.

Remove the lid from the metal pail containing component ‘A’ and stir to remove any product settlement. Remove the lid of the ‘B’ component and add the contents to the ‘A’ component. Mix for 60 to 90 seconds using a drill and paddle and then allow to stand for 60 seconds. Pour some of the mixed material into a roller tray and using a medium pile roller, begin to spread Uretech Track-Safe onto the application area. Dependant on the ambient temperature the product will cure at differing speeds however a minimum of 150 minutes (2½ hours) should be allowed before the area is allowed to be trafficked.

Uretech Track-Safe is supplied as a 2 component 10kg kit.

When applied by roller on an Uretech HFS surface with a 1mm aggregate finish, a typical coverage rate of 20m² per kit should be achieved. (Please note that coverage rates will vary with different substrates, aggregates and application methods).

The condition of this product will determine the required method of disposal. Used containers with fully cured product remaining around the edges or bottom of the container should have the hazard label removed or obscured before disposal as general building waste. Uncured/Liquid product should be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Why choose Uretech Track-Safe?

Innovative, high performance product

Can be produced to specific colours

BBA HAPAS Approved

Cured adhesive is not hazardous for disposal

Not hazardous for transport

GHS compliant labels and safety data sheet


Chemical and water resistant

Zero VOCs

Zero solvents

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