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Uretech RRB
Ironwork Reinstatement - Bedding
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Uretech RRB is a high performance, hybrid-polyurea system specially formulated for the bedding of highway ironwork and concrete.

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Uretech RRB is designed for use in the bedding of roadways ironwork and concrete where the components are mixed together and used as a high performance mortar compound.

Uretech RRB can be mixed in a standard cement mixer or a forced action mixer such as a Creteangle, Baron or Daines mixer. The aggregate should be tipped into the mixer first which is then started, and then the remaining components should be added in the order B, C & D and mixing continued until a uniform mix is obtained. This should take between 1 and 2 minutes depending on the mixer being used. The mixed aggregate should be poured into place, spread and fully compacted using a tamping block or, for the wearing surface, a float.

Uretech RRB is available as a 20kg kit of pre-measured components.

A single kit of Uretech RRB is sufficient to fill 0.009m³.

The condition of this product will determine the required method of disposal. Used containers with fully cured product remaining around the edges or bottom of the container should have the hazard label removed or obscured before disposal as general building waste. Uncured/Liquid product should be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Why choose Uretech RRS?

Innovative, high performance product

Does not break up like bitumen based products

BBA HAPAS Approved material

Cured product is not hazardous for disposal

Not hazardous for transport

GHS compliant labels and safety data sheet


Chemical and water resistant

Zero VOCs

Zero solvents

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