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Uretech HFS
High Friction Surfacing
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Uretech HFS is a high performance, cold-applied, all liquid, polyurea system specially formulated for high friction surfacing applications. Unlike many traditional systems Uretech HFS has an award winning low carbon footprint and a proven service life of over ten years. Uretech HFS requires no primer and when cured, has excellent adhesion to bituminous and cementitious road surfaces.

Unlike rosin ester (hot-melt), epoxy and MMA (Methyl methacrylate) systems, Uretech HFS incorporates the latest developments in polyurea technology to provide a high performance, cost effective, safe alternative with award winning green credentials. Whilst commonly used systems can deteriorate after just a few months Uretech HFS has a proven lifespan of over 10 years.

Uretech HFS is a cold applied, high friction surfacing system where the three components are mixed together and spread over the surface to be coated. Aggregate is then scattered over the resin and allowed to cure which produces a very high performance high friction surface.

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Uretech HFS is mixed using a drill and paddle in 20kg kits and then spread using a fabric roller or serrated squeegee. Stir the ‘A’ component for one minute to disperse any settlement, stop, then add the other two components and continue to stir until mixed. Full mixing should take no more than 60 seconds with the correct equipment. The mixed material remains in a mobile, liquid form for approximately 6-10 minutes, after which a light gel is formed (lasting approximately 15 minutes). The material then sets into a soft solid. Excess material can be removed whilst in the gel form. The material is fit for traffic after approximately 2 to 3 hours but will increase in properties over a period of 24 hours. Aggregate should be broadcast into the material in its liquid state. For Type 1 approved high friction surfaces, a 1mm to 3mm calcined bauxite should be used.

Patent Protected. No: 99 211 78.1
When applied at 1.3 mm and scattered with 6 kg/m² of Chinese bauxite, Uretech HFS easily passes the Transport Research Laboratory scuffing test for Type 1 surfacing to Report 127 (appendix G). An erosion index of zero (0 best, 30 worst) and a texture index of 1.4 is obtained.

Uretech HFS is available as a 20kg kit consisting of three pre-weighed components.

The adhesive should be applied at a minimum depth of 1.33mm (2.13kg/m²). A 20kg kit should cover 7m² and 8m² on a good surface. At this rate the binder should retain 6kg of 3mm aggregate per m². Proper wear characteristics are achieved when the aggregate particles are half-buried into the adhesive. An area of 7.5m² meters will require one 20kg kit of Uretech HFS and 100kg of 1mm to 3mm aggregate of which approximately 45kg will be recovered by sweeping.

The condition of this product will determine the required method of disposal. Used containers with fully cured product remaining around the edges or bottom of the container should have the hazard label removed or obscured before disposal as general building waste. Uncured/Liquid product should be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Why choose Uretech HFS?

Proven to outlast hotmelt type systems

Carbon footprint just 31% of that of Hot Melt Systems

BBA HAPAS Approved

Cured adhesive is not hazardous for disposal

Not hazardous for transport

GHS compliant labels and safety data sheet


Chemical and water resistant

Zero VOCs

Zero solvents

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