TekGrip DD2
Decorative Surfacing Resin (Summer)

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TekGrip DD2 is a resin bonded (coat & scatter) system that is supplied as a two component kit. The components are mixed together before a layer of resin is applied to the substrate. Aggregate is then scattered onto the resin while it is still in a liquid state and once the resin has cured, the excess aggregate is then brushed off to create a stable surface that has the appearance of a loose gravel surface.

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When cured, TekGrip DD2 has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious, wood and metal surfaces. TekGrip DD2 displays outstanding performance on concrete surfaces and is ideal for curved, narrow and tricky application areas where overall working time is increased. As with the other surfaces above, no primer is necessary.

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TekGrip DD2 is a liquid, polyurethane system specially formulated for warm weather applications in which the increased temperature of both the substrate and selected aggregate could speed up the cure time of other decorative surfacing resins and result in system failure. TekGrip DD2 has been designed specifically for warm weather applications however. The reduced speed of cure means it is also ideally suited for inexperienced applicators.

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