Speciality Adhesives
Introduction and product guide

Star Uretech manufacture several speciality adhesives which include panel, laminating and custom formulated adhesives. Our products include:

Uretech T-Lock (Thread Locking Adhesive)
Uretech T-lock is a single component, low viscosity, adhesive used to seal and lock the threads of pedestal assemblies to a fixed height with a permanent bond. Supplied in a spouted nozzle, squeezy bottle Uretech T-lock has many metal to metal bonding applications.

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Uretech TM (Tanking/roofing membrane)
Uretech TM is a high performance, solvent free, low odour; liquid applied coating which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to produce a flexible and elastomeric waterproofing membrane with good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Uretech TM has been developed specifically for use as a tanking or roofing membrane and is the only system that is fully compatible with our range of access flooring pedestal adhesives including PA1, PA2, TG1, KPA1, GPA1 and BPA1.

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Uretech LA502 (Laminating adhesive)
Uretech LA502 is a one component, polyurethane laminating adhesive, specially formulated for roller or bead application to panels used in access flooring and insulation. Uretech LA502 can be used for laminating a wide range of materials and has good adhesion to galvanised steel. The adhesive has excellent handling properties and is slower curing than competitive products giving extremely long open times. Water misting is not required however can be used to increase the cure speed. Unlike many products Uretech LA502 does not contain plasticizers or solvents.

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Uretech UF102 (Panel Adhesive)
Uretech UF102N is a two component, filled, polyurethane adhesive, used in a variety of applications. Uretech UF102N can be used for laminating a wide range of materials and has good adhesion to galvanised steel. It is often used in the manufacture of flooring panels to bond the decorative or wearing surface to the panel and, unlike some competitive products, Uretech UF102N does not contain plasticizer or solvents.

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TekGrip Spectrum (Coloured addative)
TekGrip Spectrum is a coloured mixture containing hydroxy-functional materials blended with a special mix of pigments and additives. Supplied as a single component, liquid/paste for colouring the range of TekGrip decorative and Uretech high friction adhesives used in surfacing and binding applications. TekGrip Spectrum is compatible with TekGrip DSR, TekGrip DFX and Uretech HFS. TekGrip Spectrum is available in red, green, yellow, blue or black however for large volume orders the TekGrip range of surface adhesives can be pre-coloured in the manufacture process.

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