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Introduction and adhesive guide

A raised access floor (also raised flooring, access flooring, or raised access computer floor) is an internal floor that consists of strong floor tiles (usually about 600mmx600mm) laid on top of metal pedestals. This creates a void between the base floor and the panels which is used for underfloor wiring, pipes or to create an area which can be tanked to hold water and protect any floors underneath the installation. Typical areas of installation include new or refurbished offices, schools and modern domestic properties.

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Pedestal adhesives or access flooring adhesives are used to stick the pedestals that support the panels to a substrate which is usually concrete. There are two kinds of commonly used pedestal adhesive and these are called ‘single component’ and ‘two part’ adhesives.

For many years the only adhesives used was a two part epoxy adhesive however in 1997 Star Uretech developed the UK's first single component adhesive. This was a large leap forward in performance, ease of use and product safety. Unlike the two part adhesives our single component adhesive required no mixing, reduced waste and improved the performance dramatically.

Star Uretech have continued to lead the market through technical innovation and customer service and whilst many cheap imitations have attempted to replicate our unique formulations, Star Uretech continues to provide the best and safest adhesives available. Our adhesives are now used by the top three UK construction companies and we continue to lead the way in the access flooring adhesives market.

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Adhesive Product Range
Star Uretech can provide adhesives for all applications types and conditions however our four main adhesives are:

Uretech PA1 Ultra
Uretech PA1 Ultra is the UKs best selling access flooring adhesive. It is a single component, moisture curing, adhesive that contains zero VOC’s, solvents, phthalates, halogens and phosphates. Uretech PA1 Ultra has excellent adhesion to concrete, metal and wood. Unlike poor imitations, Uretech PA1 Ultra passes the T15 (horizontal load) & T42 (swing bag) tests after just 24 hours and is not carcinogenic.

Uretech AA2
Uretech AA2 is a two-component, zero VOC, solvent free, polyurethane adhesive that has been specially developed for sound and vibration damping installations. Uretech AA2 is the only access flooring adhesive to pass the (BSEN ISO 140-4:1998) airborne and (BSEN ISO 140-7:1998) impact sound insulation tests. When cured, Uretech AA2 has excellent adhesion to concrete, metal and other surfaces likely to be found in the access flooring industry.

Uretech TG1
Uretech TG1 is a general purpose pedestal adhesive that contains zero VOCs or solvents. A one-component polyurethane system specially formulated for fixing pedestals used in access flooring, TG1 is a low cost alternative to manual fixing. When cured, Uretech TG1 has excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces likely to be used in the access flooring industry.

Uretech LCA1
Uretech LCA1 is a two-component, adhesive specially formulated for applications in which a fast cure time is essential. When cured, Uretech LCA1 has excellent adhesion to concrete, metal and to most other flooring surfaces likely to be found in the access flooring industry.

Our range of adhesives now include the UK's only and number one selling adhesive that ticks all of the boxes:

Listed on Googles portico healthy materials

Passes T42 (swing bag) test after less than 24 hours

Passes T15 (horizontal load) test after less than 24 hours

No R40/H351 risk phrase (not carcinogenic)

Cured adhesive is not hazardous for disposal

Not hazardous for transport

GHS compliant labels and safety data sheet

BREEAM compliant

LEED certification


Chemical and water resistant

Single component / no mixing

Zero VOCs

Zero solvents

Zero phthalates

Zero halogens

Zero phosphates

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